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The Declaration


I, recognizing my responsibility for the fate of the Russian people in fulfilling the aspirations of all peoples inhabiting Russia and restoring historical justice, based on the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and generally recognized norms of international law, implementing the right of nations to free self-determination, with the goal of creating a democratic, legal society, recognize the priority of the right of the individual over the right of the state, as well as the right to express the will of the people, if all other ways to get rid of the dictatorship have been exhausted

(Confirmed by the same Constitution of the Russian Federation and international law)

I proclaim and establish the Revolutionary Transitional Government of Russia. This body is created as a body of confrontation, resistance and liquidation of the anti-constitutional existing government of the Russian Federation.

The RPR is created for an indefinite period until fair democratic elections are held in Russia.

I declare the current satanic government of the Russian Federation deposed according to its inhumane and anti-state appearance and its subsequent history, and I propose to publicly and in writing repent of the crimes they have committed.

The date of commencement of the work of the RPPR is the first date of publication of the Manifesto in any international official press.

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